Mount Washington

Northern Fire Company


209 WEBSTER (E 14th)


Members Who Died In The Line:

  F.C. Determan - July 14, 1866

  Lt. Edward J. Vahling - January 17, 1920

  Peter Buckley - January 17, 1920

  Lt. John Kuhfers - July 17, 1933

Engine 7, 2005 Sutphen, 1500 GPM - 500 Tank Shop #61682 Formally Engine 21.
Photo Bob Luce

2003 Emergency One 1500 GPM - 500 Tank 30A/30B Foam Shop #31681
Time, and apparatus, flies at Engine 7. This engine was reassigned from the 24's during 2009 and has been since been replaced with the 2005 Sutphen that was previously Engine 21.
Photo Bob Luce

Yes, the Scotchlite striping and all of those lights do make the fire engine visible at night!
Photo Bob Luce

1994 Emergency One 1500 GPM - 500 Tank Shop #41673
This pumper was initially assigned to Engine 35.
Photo Bob Luce

1990 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #01673
This apparatus was previously assigned to Engine 20.
Photo Steve Hagy

1982 Ford/Grumman 750 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #21670
Photo Steve Hagy

1982 Ford-Grumman 750 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #21670
Notice the "old style" gear in the crossway.
Photo Steve Hagy

1958 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25197
This pumper was originally assigned to En. 1.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

During the year 1958 the Point Pleasant Fire Departmnet was formed in Boone County, Kentucky in an area just northeast of the Greater Cincinnati Airport.
In the early 1960's the Point Pleasant firefighters purchased a pair of 1938 Ahrens-Fox pumpers that had previously served Cincinnati.
In this photo the apparatus to the far left is Engine 38's former rig while the pumper in the middle had last served with Engine 7 (original assigment was Engine 37).
Former Engine 37/7 is now owned by Steve Dalpe of Houston, Texas who is restoring the apparatus back to it's original appearance.
Photo Steve Dalpe collection

1938 Ahrens-Fox 750 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25137
This pumper was previously assigned to Engine 37.
Photo Ed Effron

The location and companies shown in this photo aren't known. From the looks of the buildings it appears that this picture was taken somewhere in Over-The-Rhine. Just for the sake of placing this interesting photos somewhere on the site it's been included on Engine 7's page. If anyone has information regarding this fire and the units shown, please let us know.
Photo Dave Horn Collection

Engine 7's former quarters on the south side of Webster Street (now East 14th) just off of Main Street.
There is a little bit of a building foundation that can be seen on the spot where the firehouse once stood.
Photo Unknown