CFDHISTORY ---›Line of Duty Deaths ---› 79Lt. Edward J. Vahling

Lt. Edward J. Vahling

Killed in the Line of Duty January 17, 1920

Fire Company Engine 7
Cause of Death Crushed
At Fire Box Number 13 - Ten Blows (General Alarm)
Incident Type Fire
Incident Location Newton Tea and Spice Company - 16-18 East Second Street

Vahling was killed when the east wall of the Newton Tea and Spice Company collapsed following an explosion that occurred during a fire in the building. Three other firemen were killed and fourteen injured when the wall collapsed. Vahling was found dead at his hose on the ramp to the Suspension Bridge, where he and others were directing streams of water into the fire building. The wall collapsed without warning following an explosion in the building. Vahling, 33, was married and lived at 442 Bank Street.