CFDHISTORY ---›Line of Duty Deaths ---› 97John Rush Thomas

John Rush Thomas

Killed in the Line of Duty April 03, 1873

Fire Company Engine 13
Cause of Death Fall From Horse
At Fire Box Number
Incident Type Responding to Fire
Incident Location

Rush Thomas was out with the horses for their afternoon exercise. On his way back to the quarters of Engine 13 he heard the bells calling the men out to a fire. Bringing the horses to a gallop he made a dash back to the house. He arrived and tried to dismount as fast as he could. It is not known if the horse reared up or if he simply slipped but he fell to the ground striking his head. He died that same day. The engine had been dispatched for a fire at the corner of Central and Poplar. Thomas left behind a wife and three children. He was almost 41 years old and had a long record of service with the department. He was previously a member of Engine 05, The Jefferson Engine Company. The funeral services took place at his residence, 27 Bank Street and he was laid to rest at the Wesleyan Cemetery