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Harry Benninger

Killed in the Line of Duty December 17, 1914

Fire Company Engine 34
Cause of Death Crushed Under Fire Apparatus
At Fire Box Number
Incident Type Response
Incident Location Outside Gifts Firehouse

Harry Benninger, a member of Engine 34 who had been detailed to Hook & Ladder Co.1 for the day, was returning from lunch. As he walked down 6th Street toward the Gift's Firehouse an alarm of fire sounded. He rushed toward quarters as the ladder was pulling out. As the truck turned west on 6th Street Benninger jumped for the running board. In his rush to join the company he slipped. Before anyone could react the apparatus had rolled over Harry. A wheel passed over his head and chest crushing him. The sidewalks were busy with pedestrians who were sickened to witness the accident. Patrons of the Palace Hotel restaurant were also able to see the scene from their seats. Harry was immediately carried to the City Hosptial but doctors were not able to save him. He was pronounced deceased on arrival.