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Martin Farrell

Killed in the Line of Duty May 13, 1877

Fire Company Engine 16
Cause of Death Paralysis
At Fire Box Number 189
Incident Type Responding to Fire/Medical
Incident Location Intersection of McMillan St & Montgomery Rd

Fire was discovered in the roof of the home of Mr. Kinney at the corner of Chapel Street an Gilbert Avenue. Box 189 was pulled and Engine 16 made the response. The engine was being pulled at full speed when pipeman Martin Farrell fell from the apparatus at the intersection of McMillan Street and Montgomery Road. Engine 16 continued to the Box. The fire caused only minor damage. Farrell managed to get to the curb. Citizens came to his aid and found him paralyzed and unable to speak. He was taken to his home where he died that evening. Farrell had suffered a previous bout of paralysis about one year prior to this accident but he returned to duty after his recovery. In the past Farrell had been a member of Engine Co.09 and Engine Co.14. He was laid to rest at St Joseph's New Cemetery in Price Hill on May 15, 1877.