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Joseph Schott

Killed in the Line of Duty August 5, 1920

Fire Company Ladder 8
Cause of Death Extensive Burns
At Fire Box Number Still Alarm
Incident Type Fire/Explosion
Incident Location South and Depot Streets

Schott was killed with 3 other members while trying to extinguish a fire at the Refiners Oil Company. He and the crew of Hooks 8 had responded to the report of a fire in the yard of the fuel company. The members of the fire company rushed in to the yard with fire extinguishers to try to stop a fire that was burning next to three large gasoline tanks. As they began to work on the fire, the nearest tank exploded, showering the firemen with burning gasoline. Schott died instantly where he stood. He was identified by his wedding ring which matched the one worn by his wife. Schott was 38 and lived with his wife at 1005 State Avenue. Only one member of Ladder 8 survived the fire, Elmer Drier had been sent back to the truck for more extinguishers just before the blast.