CFDHISTORY ---›Line of Duty Deaths ---› 26Captain Henry "Doc" Payne

Captain Henry "Doc" Payne

Killed in the Line of Duty February 20, 1886

Fire Company Engine 15
Cause of Death Injuries from fall
At Fire Box Number Box 416
Incident Type
Incident Location Nassau and Eden Park

Captain Henry E. "Doc" Payne of Hose Company No.15 (Mt Adams) was injured at a fire on St James Avenue in Walnut Hills on the night of February 19, 1886. The fire was reported to have started as a result of hot coals left on a grate in an unfinished house on St James Avenue just before 11pm. Alarm was given from Box 416 and the fire was extinguished with only a small loss. Captain Payne was on the third floor during the fire when he stepped through the stair hole and fell through to the first floor. He was unconscious when found and later taken to Cincinnati Hospital where he died the following day. He was found to have sustained a head injury and internal injuries in the fall. Payne was buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Cumminsville. Payne was 43yrs old. Many at the time of his death remembered him as the longtime driver of the reel at E01's house at Race & Commerce. He transferred to E15 a few years ago.