CFDHISTORY ---›Line of Duty Deaths ---› 12Capt. Mathias Schwab

Capt. Mathias Schwab

Killed in the Line of Duty October 20, 1869

Fire Company Ladder 1
Cause of Death Burns and smoke inhalation
At Fire Box Number Box 34
Incident Type Fire
Incident Location Mercantile Library

Schwab died while leading his men in an interior attack on a fire in the Merchants, Exchange and Mercantile Library on Walnut between 4th and 5th Streets. A smoke explosion blinded and burned him, and seriously burned two of his men, Richard Holcombe (who would die in the line of duty 6 years later) and Welman Placke, both of Engine 9. Schwab had been badly burned, but died from smoke inhalation while trying to find his way out. Schwab was 28 and was buried in the Catholic Cemetary on the Carthage Road (Vine Street near Mitchell Ave).