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Patrick Haley

Killed in the Line of Duty December 25, 1909

Fire Company Engine 06
Cause of Death Gas Explosion
At Fire Box Number
Incident Type Explosion
Incident Location Engine 06 Basement

In May 1909 Engine 06 had relocated to its new fire station at Pearl and Martin Streets. Recent scheduling changes gave firefighters every fifth day off. 91 substitute firefighters had been made regular during the year to fill the schedule. Stretched thin on manpower around the holidays, outside substitutes were employed to fill open spaces in the fire department. Patrick Haley was called into service in this role at Engine 06 on December 22, 1909. A smell of gas in quarters caused Haley and Captain Newman to check the basement. While in the cellar something sparked an explosion. Haley and Newman were rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital. Haley had sustained severe burns. He was in agony and remained medicated at the hospital until he died on Christmas Day 1909. Due to his status as an outside sub, Haley’s widow was denied a department pension.