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1 Alarm 2401 Ingleside Avenue

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Date 2013-08-13

Around 17:00 hours the Cincinnati Fire Department was dispatched for a reported cabin on fire at the end of Ingleside Avenue in East Walnut Hills.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

1 Alarm: Engines 23 & 19; Trucks 23 & 3; RAT 32; Districts 1 (Potter) & District 4 (Frazier), SO 2, Medic 23, ALS 32 and Heavy Rescue 9. Engine 3 was dispatched but Engine 23 cleared another run and District 1 requested Engine 3 continue due to the location of the fire.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

SO2 and Truck 23 went on the scene with a small cabin down over a hill fully involved with exposure problem.

Medic 19 working fire Medic.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

The area was very hard to get into and limited the amount of fire fighters who could be around the cabin. The cabin overlooked Columbia Parkway.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries. The cabin was a total loss.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA