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2 Alarm 441 Vine Street (Carew Tower)

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Date 2012-06-17

At 19:03 Hours reported heavy smoke in the area of Fifth & Vine Streets.
The fire tower came back with that they had received mutltiple calls and a fire alarm at Carew Tower.

1 Alarm: Engines 14, 3 & 5; Trucks 3 & 29; RAT 17; Districts 1 (CPT. Monohan & 2 Herth) Medic 3 and Heavy Rescue 14.

Photograph - David Jones

At 19:04 Hrs Engine 5 requested a 2nd Alarm due to the amount of smoke on the outside of the building and the size of the building.

2nd Alarm: Engines 29, 21 & 23; Truck 19; ALS 34; Heavy Rescue 9.
Photograph - David Jones

Units tracked the fire down to a grease fire in the duct work of Boi na Braza Brazilian Steakhouse which terminated on the 6 floor level.

Both Boi na Braza and Morton\'s Steakhouse were full of Father's Day diners and were evacuated.

Photograph - David Jones

After the fire in the duct work was knocked down Command requested two additional Truck Companies for salavage. Trucks 23 and 24 were dispatched.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

Acting District 1 Chief CPT. Monohan discusses getting companies back in service with Company Offices.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

Damages were estimated at $60,000.00.
There were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported.
64 Firefighters operated at this fire.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFAPA