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1 Alarm 3615 Northdale Place

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Date 2011-12-07

At 12:07 hours the resident of 3607 Northdale Place called reporting smoke coming from a vacant apartment building at 3615 Northdale Place.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

1 Alarm: Engines 8 & 49; Trucks 31 & 2; RAT 18; Districts 4 (Frazier) & 1 (Potter); ALS 34; Medic 2; Heavy Rescue 14. Medic 46 added as working fire medic unit.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Engine 8 had smoke in area and when they arrived on the scene the reported a working fire in a two story abandoned apartment building with the fire consuming the interior stairs from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

There were no injuries to firefighters or civilians.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

The Fire Investigations Unit was called to the scene to determine the cause and origin.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA