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2 Alarm 4241 Kellogg Avenue

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Date 2011-07-09

At 15:46, July 9, 2011 the Cincinnati Fire Department was dispatched for a commercial auto repair facility Mendoza\'s Auto Service at 4241 Kellogg Avenue for a reported large gas fire in the facility.

Photograph - Dave Mullis, IFPA

1 Alarm: Engines 46 & 23; Truck 18 & 31; RAT 19; Districts 4 (Lakamp) & 2 (Arnold); Medic 3 and Heavy Rescue 9. District 4 requested Foam 32 be dispatched due to nature of the fire. Foam 32 and Truck 32 brought the Foam 32.
(First Due Engine 18 and Third Due Truck (RAT) 23 where two of the six fire companies browned out for the day)

Photograph - Dave Mullis, IFPA

Truck 18 went on the scene with heavy fire and smoke in a one story commercial building.
District 4 went on scene with a fully involved 1 story building and advised all units this fire would be a defensive operation.
Working fire Medic Unit Medic 46 was dispatched.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

At 15:56 Kellogg Command struck the second alarm.

2nd Alarm: Engines 7 & 31; Truck 29; Heavy Rescue 14.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

There where no reported injuries to Civilians or Fire Fighters. Cause of fire was gas from a gas tank being removed from a vehicle.

Photograph - David Jones

Engine 31 on the hydrant on Lumsden Street supplying Truck 29\'s ladder pipe on Side C.

Photograph - David Jones

Heavy Rescue 9 Crew members manning 2 1/2" line on Side D.

Photograph - Dave Mullis. IFPA

Heavy Rescue 9 sporting its new Company logo.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Kellogg Command and Accountibilty.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA