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1 Alarm 4 Thill Place

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Date 2009-01-02

At 10:17 AM the Cincinnati Fire Communication Center received a telephone call reporting a structure fire in a vacant four-story brick apartment building.

Initial arriving fire units discovered heavy smoke showing from the second floor. Firefighters had to force entry to gain access to the building, once inside a mattress on the second floor was found on fire. Fire fighters extinguished the fire while simultaneous checking for any occupants and ventilating the structure. Fire fighters remained on the scene for one and one half hours.

Engines 5 & 19; Trucks 19 & 29; RAT 3; Districts 1 & 2; Rescue 14 and Squad 9.
Photograph - Bill Strite

At 11:58 AM firefighters would be dispatched to the above location for a report of a structure fire involving the fourth floor and attic space. Initial arriving fire units discovered flames and smoke showing from the upper stories. This fire would be quickly extinguished. Firefighters would remain on the scene for forty-five minutes.

Photograph - Bill Strite

The Cincinnati Fire Department’s Fire Investigative Unit investigated both fires origin and cause. Both fires are currently listed as “Undetermined”. Damage was estimated at $35,000.00 dollars. No smoke alarms were present there were no reports of fire fighters or civilians being injured.
Photograph - Bill Strite

Crew of Truck 3 awaiting instructions while on the scene at the second fire.
Photograph - Bill Strite