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2 Alarm 627 Straight Street

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Date 2008-04-23

On April 23, 2008 at approximately 21:50 hours a report of a building fire at 627 Straight Street in University Heights was received. Arriving companies found a single family residence heavily involved in fire.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Due to the intensity of this fire and the immenent danger to exposures a 2nd alarm was transmitted.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Members of Engine and Truck 19 work at the front of the building.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Crews extinguish the last remaining pocket of fire in the porch roof.
Photograph - David J. Jones

The building to the west of 627 Straight Street was damaged by radiant heat.
Photograph - Bill Strite

This 2-story frame building was gutted by the fire.
Photograph - Bill Strite