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2 Alarm 129 W. 66th Street

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Date 2007-11-11

On Sunday November 11, 2007 a call was received by the Fire Tower reporting a stove on fire in a house at 129 West 66th Street in Carthage. Box 2712 was transmitted at 08:05 with the following units assigned to the incident: Engines 2-38 Trucks 2-32 RAT 20 D/C 3-4 Rescue 38 Squad 9.

At 08:07 Another call was received reporting the fire and at 08:09 a Cincinnati Police unit was on-scene reporting a grease fire on the stove, appears to be spreading.

Engine 2 arrived at 08:11 and gave an initial report of smoke from the 2nd floor of an occupied structure.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Heavy fire damage at the rear of the home.
Photograph - David J. Jones

The proximity of secondary exposures and the large volume of fire required a 2nd alarm to be dispatched. Engines 9-8 Truck 19 Squad 14 & Rescue 2 were dispatched at 08:21.
The fire was brought under control within 25 minutes.

The home was occupied by three people at the time of the fire. A 12-year old heard a smoke alarm sounding and upon investigating found a fire in the kitchen. The smoke alarm also alerted the other occupants and all safely left the house. The incident shows the importance of having working smoke alarms on every level of a home.

Photograph - David J. Jones

Nice placement of the aerial by Truck 2.

Damage is estimated at $80,000. Two firefighters were injured. One received a severe burn to
the hand, the other received an electrical shock; both were transported to the hospital.

Photograph - David J. Jones