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2 Alarm 2940 Van Dyke Avenue

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Date 2007-10-07

At 18:30 hours on October 7, 2007 a fire was reported in a home at 2940 Van Dyke in Mt. Lookout. The first alarm assignment that was dispatched consisted of: Engines 46,18,& 23; Trucks 18 & 31; RAT 23, Districts 4 & 1; Rescue 46 and Squad 9.

Photograph - Bill Strite

Engine 46 arrived on the scene and reported a light amount of smoke showing. When District 4 arrived he reported that there was heavy smoke and fire in the rear of a 2-story frame, single family dwelling.

Photograph - Bill Strite

At 18:37 hours the 2nd alarm was transmitted for this fire which added Engines 7 & 31, Truck 32, Squad 14, Rescue 2, and Car 2 to the assignment.

Photograph - Bill Strite

There is still some fire in the attic and a few other spots, but the blaze is under control at this time.
Photograph - Bill Strite

One of the last times that this particular scene occurred in Cincinnati. Truck 31 was operating with a spare apparatus, one of the 1992 Seagrabe aerials. All of the tractor-drawn aerials are now off of the roster.
Photograph - Bill Strite

Time to take a few minutes on the lawn so that you can rest and have some liquids!
Photograph - Bill Strite