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1 Alarm 525 Reading Road

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Date 2007-06-13

Just after 7:00 p.m. on June 13, 2007 The Tower received a call reporting heavy smoke to the rear of Reading Road and 12th Street. Engines 5-3-19 Trucks 3-29 RATT 19 Rescue 14 Squad 14 Districts 1-2 were dispatched. Engine 5 arrived on scene at the rear of 525 Reading along the 12th street side of the building (just down from the old 42's house), with heavy smoke showing.

Photograph - Bill Strite

The fire turned out to be rubbish that was ignited between two commercial buildings. Here Districts 1 and 2 converse with Truck 3 in a parking lot off of 12th St.

Photograph - Bill Strite

Getting the job done...
Photograph - Bill Strite

Squad 14 putting some water on a hot spot
Photograph - Bill Strite

"If you break it you fix it" Firefighters working to repair the lock that was popped to gain entry into printing shop
on Side A (Reading Road).

Photograph - Bill Strite

Truck 29 wedged into the space on side B.

Photograph - Bill Strite

Engine 5 tied into the plug side C (12th Street).

A fire investigator was called to the scene. Fire loss was set at $2,000. There were 32 fire personnel utilized at this incident. There were no injuries to civilians or fire fighters.

Photograph - Bill Strite