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2 Alarm 3213 Vine Street

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Date 2007-04-09

At approximately 20:13 hours on April 9, 2007 companies were dispatched for a building fire at 3213 Vine Street in Corryville.

Photograph - David J. Jones

Box 1478 was transmitted bringing Engines 19 & 5, Trucks 19 & 32, RATT 23, Districts 1 & 3, Rescue 38 and Squad 9. A heavy fire condition was showing from the roof of the brick multi-dwelling upon arrival of the 19's.

Photograph - David J. Jones

A second alarm was quickly transmitted. Lots of smoke is visible from the building but the amount of fire that is visible is starting to decrease.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Truck 19 has vented the roof.
Photograph - David J. Jones

With the assistance of the 2nd alarm companies the fire was brought under control.
Photograph - David J. Jones