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1 Alarm 4140 Kirby Road

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Date 2007-02-10

Just a few hours after the fire on Robb Street, Box 3447 was struck for a report of a building fire on Kirby Road between Hanfield and Chase Streets in Northside. At 17:06 hours the following companies were assigned to the fire: Engines 20,12; Trucks 20,19 RATT 32; Districts 2,3; Rescue 38 and Squad 9. The actual location of the fire building was 4140 Kirby Road.

Photograph - David J. Jones

District 3 arrived on the scene and reported heavy smoke from the rear of this 2-stroy brick home.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Truck 20 on the roof of the building. This can be a risky spot under normal conditions. Having a snow covered roof doesn't improve the situation. Sliding while your up there can be very dangerous!
Photograph - David J. Jones

District 2 provides some instruction from a window on the second floor.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Changing air bottles can be difficult, especially when the temperature is down into the teens. Here the Lieutenant on Engine 20 gets a helping hand in obtaining a fresh bottle.
Photograph - David J. Jones photo.