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1 Alarm Train Fire at NB I-71

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Date 2004-02-11

Cincinnati firefighters were dispatched to a reported railroad car on fire at 15:22 hours on February 11, 2004. The CSX freight train was stopped at this location on an overpass at I-71 near Robertson Road. The west end of the train was in Norwood and the East end of the train was in Cincinnati. In this photo Trucks 31 and 23 have set up on Northbound I-71 to gain access to the burning rail car.
Photograph - David Dawson

The first alarm assignment for Box 2662 was Engines 46, 31 Trucks 31, 23 RAT 32 Rescue 14 District 4 & 1. At 15:32 hours Squad 52 was dispatched.
Photograph - David Dawson

Traffic on Southbound I-71 slows down. The fire resulted in a very unusual placement of ladder companies on the interstate to reach the burning car of lumber.
Photograph - David Dawson

The fire is being brought under control. The train was parked at this location when the fire was reported. The Norwood Fire department also responded and fought the blaze.
Photograph - David Dawson

Having to set up aerials on an interstate highway has a down side if you happen to be in traffic behind them. Companies were on the scene for over 2 hours.
Photograph - David Dawson