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1 Alarm 2505 Harrison Avenue

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Date 2003-10-18

While companies were still on the scene at 2619 Ocasta, a fire was reported in an apartment building at 2505 Harrison Avenue, 4 blocks from the Ocasta Avenue fire. At 16:10, Box 5461 was transmitted bringing Engines 35, 24 Trucks 21, 17 RAT 20 Rescue 46 Districts 2, 3. Some of these companies responded from the Ocasta fire. Here Truck 21 has arrived and is going to work.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Two people jumped from their 3rd floor apartment prior to the arrival of the C.F.D. Both perople suffered leg injuries. A baby was also thrown from the 3rd floor into a blanket that was being held by other resdients. Many of the occupants were made aware of the fire by an 11 year old boy who saw smoke and ran through the building knocking on doors.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Several persons were transported for injuries sustained in the fire. Additional transport units were dispatched due to multiple vistims.
Photograph - Steve Hagy