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Date 2003-05-09

At approximately 11:20 a.m. Cincinnati Fire Communications dispatch an entrapment assignment sending Engine 23, Truck 23, Squad 52, Rescue 38, Rescue 2, and District 1 for a reported construction worked trapped in a wall collapse in a trench at the corner of Madison Road and Woodburn Avenue. The 23's house arrived quickly on the scene (The 23's station is about 500 feet from the site) and confirmed that there was an entrapment.
Photograph - Bill Strite

Upon confirmation of the collapse and entrapment Truck 3, the Trench Rescue Trailer, Truck 14, District 2, Car 3, and the Hamilton County USAR were dispatched.

Photograph - Bill Strite

The construction worker was between a newly poured concrete wall and an old section of a wall which collapsed, pinning her right leg to mid thigh. During the extraction she was conscious and alert and talking to her rescuers. Cincinnati firefighters and members of the Hamilton County USAR team braced, shored, and used air bags to free the worker.

Photograph - Bill Strite

Shoring is brought to the incident in the Trench Rescue Trailer while the Hamilton County USAR team provided additional resources.
Photograph - Bill Strite

Cincinnati firefighters were aided by members of the Hamilton County USAR team. The victim was freed at approximately 1:40 p.m.
Photograph - Bill Strite

A successful rescue operation ends as the victim is readied for transport to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Photograph - Bill Strite