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Box 2-2-1486, Bishop Street Apt Fire

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Date 2002-08-13

Cincinnati firefighters rescued two cats from this early morning fire at 3239 Bishop Street near the University of Cincinnati campus on August 13, 2002. This was the second fire in the same basement apartment that night.
Photograph - David J. Jones

A second cat is found and brought to the front of the building!
Photograph - David J. Jones

Firefighters use oxygen and massage to revive the cats.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Three oxygen tanks later both cats appeared to come around and were up and about.They were sheltered by S.P.C.A. who also were called to scene. Several occupant at the second fire had to be rescued via ladders and at least 8 occupants were "sheltered in place" on their balconies and later led from the fire bldg. Fire was quickly brought under control using 2 1 3/4" fire lines and proper ventilation techniques. One victim was taken to U.C. hospital where she is being treated for smoke inhalation. Loss for the 2nd
fire to occur at the same 3 story brick apt. complex is placed at $65,000.00. A total of 6 families were being assisted by Red Cross. Additional fire investigators were called to the scene to assist in investigating both of these suspicious fires. Smoke detector alerted occupants minimizing injury and loss of life.
Photograph - David J. Jones