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2nd Alarm 1551 Chase

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Date 2002-06-21

Box 3451 1551 Chase Ave.
14:11:34 1st Alarm E34-32 T20-19 District 3
Report of smoke coming from the house,unknown if anyone is inside.
This fire in Northside would normally have Engine 20 first due. Both the 20's and 38's were on EMS responses when this box was struck.

Photograph - Steve Hagy

14:16:11 2nd Alarm E19-20-29-38 T32 SQ52 Mac1 R2-14-38 Car 1-3

Photograph - Steve Hagy Photo

Getting Engine 38 back in service.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Ladder 19 has their aerial to the roof.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Picking up after the fire.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Here firefighters are reloading hose on to Engine 32.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

The Salvation Army is often on hand to provide refreshments to firefighters on a hot day.
Photograph - Steve Hagy