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1 Alarm 3711 Paxton Road

CFDHISTORY ---›Fire Photos ---› 1 Alarm 3711 Paxton Road

Date 1979-10-20

The Famous Recipe Fried Chicken restaurant at 3711 Paxton Road was the scene
of this 1 alarm fire in the fall of 1979 (the exact date isn't known).
Engine 31 is stretching to the roof. Check out those boots!
Photograph - George Snelbaker

Truck 16 has a ladder up as firefighters begin ventiliation at Famous Recipe.
Photograph - George Snelbaker

There are a couple of items shown in this photo that are foreign to the C.F.D. these days. First, the hose bed is loaded with 1 1/2\" and 2 1/2\" hose.
Also, instead of a trash line this engine is equipped with a booster reel, which is in use.
Photograph - George Snelbaker