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3 Alarm 946 Dana Avenue

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Date 1974-06-03

Smoke is drifting across Dana Avenue on a warm summer evening. This 3 alarm fire occurred on June 3, 1974 in an occupied 3 story apartment building at 946 Dana Avenue, just east of Reading Road.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Turnout gear has changed greatly in 30 years. The typical CFD summer fire gear in 1974 consisted of a denim jacket, Pettibone style metal helmet, and a canvas spanner belt.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

MAC 1 is on the scene to provide additional air bottles. That's former CFD dispatcher and buff Pat Holz in the silver helmet.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Truck 4 (foreground) is operating with their open cab, 1966 Seagrave aerial. Smoke is seeping out of the building.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

The fire vents throught the roof. Truck 12 has set up in the driveway. Notice the 50 foot ground ladder raised to the front of the building.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

The Light Plant is on the scene. Damage was estimated at $13,000 for this blaze in North Avondale.
Photograph - Steve Hagy