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10 Blows - Sycamore Street

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Date 1910-12-21

On December 21, 1910, CFD fought high winds and bitter cold tempatures to control a confagration in the city’s so called shoe district near Ninth & Sycamore Streets.
Photograph - Public Library of Cincinnati & Ham Co

Two firefighters were killed in separate collapses of the some of the approximately sixty-eight building involved. Firefighter Robert Grear of Engine Co. 4 and Charles Schwengal from Hook and Ladder Co. 15.
Photograph - Public Library of Cincinnati & Ham. Co.

Box 392 was struck at 2:13am for a fire at the SE Corner of 9th & Sycamore Streets. 68 buildings were damaged or destroyed. The monetary loss was placed at $1,321,597.11(in 1910 dollars)!
Photograph - PLCHC

This disasterous fire destroyed numerous buildings and resulted in several fatalities. This 10-Blow fire was one of the largest in Cincinnati history.
Photograph - Steve Hagy Collection