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Date 0000-00-00

Another photo from the 12's collection. Notice that the laddermen are
wearing no more than work shoes, dungarees, denim jackets and metal
helmets! This was when men were men.
Photograph - Unknown Photographer

Copy of photo that is hanging on a wall at the 12's. Appears to be from the
Photograph - Unknown Photographer

Capt Jim Hasset if the Arson Squad (in the brown coat and felt hat) discusses the fire with a member of Ladder 12(32). The fire in the old Rockdale Temple was determined to be arson. Info provided by retired Assistant Fire Chief Jack Phelps who was a Lt. on the arson squad at the time.
Photograph - Chip Lytle Collection

Truck 7 has the aerial on their 1950 Seagrave raised to a 4th floor window while Engine 5 has a line off of their 1951 Seagrave engine. This late 50's early 60's photo is from an unknown blaze and unknown location.
Photograph - Chip Lytle Collection