Sayler Park

Mayberry West



Brickwork on the front of Engine 50's Quarters.
Photo David J. Jones

Quarters of Engine 50 as it appeared in the summer of 2012.
Photo Steve Hagy

1995 Emergency One 1500 GPM - 500 Tank - 100 Foam Shop #51671
This apparatus was previously assigned as Engine 12.
Photo Steve Hagy

1986 Seagrave 1250 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #61673
Currently this is the last apparatus in first line service without an enclosed crew cab. This pumper was originally assigned to Engine Company 9.
Photo David J. Jones

1982 Ford-Grumman 750 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #21672
From the records available, it appears that this is the only new piece of apparatus ever assigned to Engine 50.
Photo Steve Hagy

1965 Seagrave 1000 GPM -150 Tank Shop #4650
This apparatus was first assigned to Engine 21 and placed in service with that company on November 7, 1965.
Photo Steve Hagy

Engine 50 1961 Seagrave 1000 GPM -150 Tank Shop #4605
Previously assigned to Engine 12 .
Photo Steve Hagy

1944 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank shop #25165
This pumper was originally assigned to Engine 44.
Photo Ed Effron

1933 Mack 750 GPM -100 Tank Shop #25131
Placed in service on December 6, 1933 at Engine 31, the pumper remained in service until May 24, 1961. Although still numbered for the 50's, the pumper was photographed while at Engine 21's quarters as a spare.
Photo Ed Effron

The gang at "Mayberry West" circa 1950. From the left: Firefighters Bernard Feldhues; Howard Richter; Albert Karhoff; and Lieutenant Joseph Carey.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger

This 1950's view of Engine Company 50 shows the company in service with an early 1920's model Ahrens-Fox pumper.
From the left are Captain Bert Lugananni; Firefighter George Herleman;
Firefighter Norman Derban; and Firefighter William Ubuerth.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger

1913 Republic/Ahrens-Fox 250 GPM
This apparatus was originally assigned to Engine 19. After being used by the 50's for several years the little engine was moved to the 43's quarters. At one time there was a city refuse disposal site along the Millcreek just west of the station at Spring Grove & Alfred. This rig was kept in service until April 5, 1942 for use in fighting dump fires.

When the 5-digit shop numbers came into use in the 1930's this apparatus was assigned #25310. The 253 sequence was for "other" fire department apparatus. This rig was not assigned a 251 sequence number that would have indicated that the equipment was a pumper.
Photo City of Cincinnati

Engine 50's old quarters next to the Parkland Theatre
Photo Unknown

A combination of old and new is shown in the house watch area at Engine 50. There is a teletype to the left, but if you look to the right the old alarm assignment listing is still mounted to the wall.
Photo Steve Hagy