Downtown West - Disbanded 1975




W/ E-14

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Members Who Died In The Line:

  Paul Kathmann - July 13, 1966

Alarm assignment card for the quarters of Engine 45 at 5th & Central. This was the card that was in use at the time the 45's disbanded on March 14, 1975. Notice that Engine 14 is first due!
Photo Cincinnati Fire Department

The 45's are at the intersection of 8th and Central. Notice the silhouette of the alarm box on a pedestal (Box 1211) next to the entrance of Ben's Department Store. From the position of the apparatus and the way the hose is laid out the run may have been to City Hall.
Photo Pat Holz

This photo shows 5th & Central soon after it opened in 1962. Originally Engines 45 & 1, Truck 7, Squad 52, and Ambulance 1 were assigned to this house. The two red cars are 1960(?) Dodge Darts.
Photo Steve Hagy collection.

1961 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 150 Tank Shop #4607
This would be the last pumper assigned to the 45's. After the company was disbanded Engine 14 inherited this rig.
Photo Steve Hagy

The appearance of the 45's house is fairly simalar today as it was in the early 1960's when this photo was taken.
Photo Ed Effron

One of a pair of 1955 Seagrave engines purchased. The other rig was assigned to Engine 44. Shop #25194
The 45's have a line off on a fire. Truck 7 is behind them on a street who's buildings disappeared a long time ago.
Photo Ed Effron

1955 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Gallon Tank Shop #25194
Photo Ed Effron

This photo, taken in 1955, appears to be the crew of Engine 45 and possibly members of Ladder 7.
Photo Chester Basham Collection

1952 Mack 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25185
This pumper was originally assigned to Engine 39. The photo shows the apparatus after going into service with the 45's as their hose tender.
Photo Scott Mattson Collection

1949 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25175
This was the 45's hose wagon. Notice that the apparatus is not carrying ground ladders.
Photo Ed Effron

1944 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25164
This engine was delivered with typical WWII fire apparatus restrictions. The headlights and front bumper have been painted over so as not to create reflections that could be seen at night.
Photo by the Seagrave Corporation

After years of front line service, many older pumpers were handed down to be used as the hose wagon for 2-piece engine companies (which had 6 or 7 firefighters assigned per shift). This is one of the many Mack 750 gpm pumpers that the C.F.D. purchased during the 1930's shown while operating as Engine 45's hose tender.
Photo Pat Holz Collection

Engine 45 1917 Ahrens-Fox 1100 GPM.
When this photo was taken the rig had been refitted with an 80 gallon booster tank.
Photo From the Gramza Family Collection

Members of the 45's pose with their 1917 Ahrens-Fox pumper. If the deck gun
over the hose bed was in use odds are you were at "The Big One"!
Photo Cincinnati Fire Museum

Engine 45 1917 Ahrens-Fox 1100 GPM Shop #25145
The members of Engine 45 seem to have been a popular subject for photographers.
Photo Steve Hagy collection.

1917 Ahrens-Fox 1100 GPM Shop #25145
This rig served Engine 45 until 1944. The model L Ahrens-Fox piston pumper was the largest capacity rig made by the hometown apparatus builder. Notice that the 45's weren't equipped with ground ladders.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection