Downtown Northeast - Disbanded 1975


300 E 9th
329 E 9th
AT E-4
W/ E-3

Members Who Died In The Line:

  Capt. Michael Gramza - June 26, 1947

This box card was in use through 1974. Since the card was printed 5 of the 8 companies on the first alarm have been disbanded. Staffing levels on the companies assigned on the first alarm would have brought approximately 50 firefighters on the run.
Photo Cincinnati Fire Department

1961 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 150 Tank Shop #4606
Cincinnati received 4 Seagrave pumpers during 1961. The other 3 were initially assigned to Engines 12, 29, and 45. This was the last piece of apparatus assigned to Engine 44. The company was disbanded on February 27, 1975.
Photo Steve Hagy

From the left: Engine 44 - Engine 3 - Foam 1 - Truck 1 - District 1. Normal staffing for 9th & Broadway when this photo was taken (1960 or 61) would be 22 or 23 per shift. Both engines and the truck had 7 firefighters and the District Marshall may or may not have had an aide.
Photo Ed Effron

1955 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25193
The 44's operated with this apparatus until 1961 when the rig was reassigned to Engine 35.
Photo Ed Effron

Assigned to Engine 44 were Lieutenant Joseph Hettinger, Engineer John Costello, and Firefighters Charles Fitzgerald, Orville Hunt, and Henry Wellerding. Notice that the combination siren-light on the front fender is the only warning device on the apparatus other than the bell that is mounted on the officer's side!
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger

1944 Seagrave 1250 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25165
A pair of these were purchased with the other one being assigned to the 45's.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

Engine 44 and 45 are shown along with another company testing at the corner of 4th & Vine Streets. The companies are pumping into the standpipe system for the Union Central Life Insurnace Company building. The apparatus being used by the 44's and 45's were both 1917 Ahrens-Fox model L 1100 gpm pumpers. Also notice that the high pressure system is being used.
Photo David J. Jones Collection