W/ L-14

This is a really attractive station. Although it doesn't stand out, there is an attic area in this building. Notice the small windows along the roof line at the front of the building.
Photo Steve Hagy

Carved into the stone above the right-side bay door is the high water mark of 80 feet that was achieved during the 1937 flood. In the photo of the boat that appears later in this thread the water is several feet below it's peak!
Photo Steve Hagy

1996 Emergency One 1500 GPM - 500 Tank - 100 Foam Shop #61675
This apparatus was previously assigned to Engine 20.
Photo David J. Jones

1993 Sutphen 1250 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #21676
Here the 37's are working at a 1 alarm on Rosemont Avenue.
Photo Steve Hagy

1993 Sutphen 1250 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #21676
The original assignment for this rig was Engine Company 12.
Photo Steve Hagy

1975 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #4675
This rig was from the last group of "Winnebago's" purchased and was initially assigned to Engine 5.
Photo Steve Hagy

Engine 37's quarters, with Boat 2 also in service, in 1973 or 1974 .
Photo Steve Hagy

The old status board at the 37's is still on the wall. This board dates to 1960 or so as it still has Engine 1, 13, and 42 listed among other long disbanded units.
Photo Steve Hagy

This handsome looking crew is in front of a 1938 Ahrens-Fox pumper in this vintage photo. Shown are Lieutenant Robert Schinaman; Firefighter Ronald Hizer; Firefighter James Eversole;
and Firefighter Carl Troeger.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger

Cincinnati Selects 3 More Ahrens-Fox Pumpers!
The trio shown was assigned to Engines 37, 38, and 49.
Photo Steve Hagy collection.

Engines 37, 49, and 38 lined up in front of Union Terminal.
Photo Ahrens-Fox Fire Apparatus

1938 Ahrens-Fox 750 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25137
This engine is now undergoing restoration in Houston.
Photo Steve Dalpe Collection

The 37's house with 12 feet of water surrounding the structure during January of 1937.
Photo Donated By Karen Klaene

Captain Mike Gramza and another firefighter row by the 37's house during the 1937 flood.
Photo From the Gramza Family Collection

1921 Ahrens-Fox 750 GPM
This engine was sold in 1939 and then placed in service by the Lawrenceburg, Indiana F.D.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

Long before River Road came into existance, the 37's house actually had a yard on the south side of the station. This photo dates to about 1914.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection