Lower Price Hill


2200 GEST
2101 W 8th
W/ L-8
W/ E-17

On November 19, 1888, Engine 25 and Ladder 8 were organized and placed in service in this building at the corner of Gest and Depot Streets. In 1940 Ladder 8 moved in with Engine 43 at 2600 Spring Grove Avenue. In 1953 Engine 25 moved to new quarters at 2101 West Eighth Street with Engine 17 and Ladder 6. In 1975 Engine 25 was disbanded, the first of ten companies to be eliminated over the next eight years.

When Engine 25's quarters were constructed the Fire Commisioners were:
Jas. M. Doherty
Abe. Furst
Edwin. Stevens
Chas. Fleischman
Jos. R. Mergue
Photo Steve Hagy

The former station for Engine 25 at 2200 Gest Street has been in use as a factory for many years now.
Photo Steve Hagy

1963 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 150 Tank Shop #4610
Still numbered as Engine 25, this photo was taken in 1975 after the 25's were disbanded and the apparatus was reassigned to Engine 35.
Photo Steve Hagy

The quarters and companies assigned at 8th and Burns in 1960. Foam 2, District 2, Engine 17, Engine 25, and Truck 6.
Photo Ed Effron

The home of Engine 25 as it appeared in 1960.
Photo Ed Effron

Nothing like checking out the aerial and laying a little hose on a Sunday morning. Engine 25 and Truck 6 are alongside their quarters on Gest Street in this photo that probably dates to early 1952.
Photo Steve Hagy collection

1950 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank
Three of these pumpers were delivered in 1950 and were assigned to Engines 6, 25, and 45.
Photo Ed Effron

The guys on the 25's with their new Seagrave engine in 1950. Beginning on the left:
Lieutenant Manderville Scott; Firefighter Alfred Wauligman; Firefighter John Mathes; Firefighter Stanley Snodgrass; Firefighter Robert Wehrle.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger