Lower Price Hill


2101 W 8th ST

AT E-2
AT E-25 & W/L-6

Members Who Died In The Line:

  Eng. Albert Klingler - November 30, 1929

The house wtach areas of firehouses have changed considerably over the last 20 or so years. Gone are the "Hold Out" and "Acknowledge" buttons - but you can always check the computer for updated run information.
Photo Steve Hagy

A long ride - one of the poles at the 17's house.
Photo Steve Hagy

If you lay it out, you've got to pick it up! The 17's were bringing water on a 1 alarm that occurred on Southside Avenue in Riverside on March 17, 2007.
Photo Bill Strite

2003 Emergency One 1500 GPM - 500 Tank 30A/30B Foam Shop #31683
Photo Steve Hagy

Engine 17 in front of their quarters in Lower Price Hill. This veteran engine has seen plenty of action while assigned to "The Snake Pit" for the last 15 years!
Photo Steve Hagy

1988 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #81673
Photo Steve Hagy

1974 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #4667
Photo Dan Martin

Ornamentation and decoration added by fire companies to the apparatus is rare in Cincinnati. During the late 1970's the 17's had these magnetic black and gold stripes on the rear doors. The personal touch added by the fireifghters on 8th Street was frowned upon by the Administration and the stripes were quickly removed.
Photo Steve Hagy

1974 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #4667
Photo Steve Hagy

1974 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 300 Tank Shop #4667
Photo Steve Hagy

Members of the 17's in front of quarters September 24, 1969. Left to right B. Millerhouse, L. Salamone, D. Kuhn, P. Delhany
Photo Larry Salamone Collection

1952 Mack 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25187
Four of these engines were purchased with the going to Engines 31, 39, and 48. Looks like the 17's have a couple of lines off on a fire.
Photo Ed Effron

1941 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 100 Tank Shop #25159
This view shows the rear windshield and "subway straps" that were in place to keep you on the tailboard of the engine. Dietz Fire King lanterns were still being specified with the apparatus.
Photo Seagrave Factory Photo

Engine 17 Quarters during a flood
Photo From Kevin Phillips

1937 Mack 750 GPM - 100 Tank
Photo Ed Effron

This station at English (German Street until 1918) & Neave Streets in what had been Storrs Township bore a strong resemblence to the quarters of Engine 16. Bourbon fire hydrants, such as the one enxt to the hose reel, were made in Cincinnati and can still be found in many areas of town.
Photo Steve Hagy collection