Lytle Park - Downtown

Deluge 10


442 E 3rd ST1853

Members Who Died In The Line:

  J.B Hanselman - July 5, 1861

Fort Washington Way is beginning to take shape and 3rd Street still exists east of Broadway Avenue in this photo from 1959 or so. At the intersection of 3rd and Lawrence Streets the former quarters of Engine 10 is still standing having been closed more than 40 years earlier. The construction of I-71 and the Lytle tunnels would eventually claim this single-bay station.
Photo Steve Hagy collection

The quarters of Engine 10 at East 3rd & Lawrence Streets. This building was torn down in 1965 for the construction of I-71 and the Lytle Park tunnel. Notice the alarm box on the corner and a Cincinnati made Bourbon fire hydrant too!
Photo David J. Jones Collection

This view is looking east on Third Street from the vicinity of Broadway. The 10's house can be seen just below the word "Cincinnati" on this postcard.
Photo Bob Luce Collection

This photo shows the Public Landing looking up Sycamore Street during the flood of 1884. It is not know which fire company has been loaded onto the flat boat.
Photo J. Landy

The crew of the 10's poses in front of quarters with their steamer. At the time of the photo there apparently weren't any standard uniforms for C.F.D. members. Notice the fancy engine lamp mounted just ahead of the boiler.
Photo D. S. Mitchell