Fire Companies of 1917

Fire and Ladder Companies                         Location
Engine 1                                          Northeast Corner Race and Commerce        Riverfront
Engine 2, Ladder 6                                Northeast Corner Freeman and 9th          Queensgate
Engine 3, Engine 44, Ladder 1, Water Tower 2      Northeast Corner 7th and Sycamore         Downtown
Engine 4, Engine 7                                209 Webster                               Downtown
Engine 5                                          North side McMicken btw Frintz and Vine   Over the Rhine
Engine 6, Ladder 15                               905 Martin                                Foot of Mt Adams
Engine 8, Fuel and Supply 1                       Northwest Corner Laurel and Cutter        Over the Rhine
Engine 9                                          734 West 4th                              Downtown
Engine 10                                         Northwest Corner 3rd and Lawrence         Downtown
Engine 11                                         2125 Eastern                              East End
Engine 12                                         Northeast Corner Rachel and Colerain      Camp Washington
Engine 13, Ladder 2, Fuel and Supply 2            434 Bank                                  Brighton
Engine 14                                         604 West 5th                              Downtown
Hose Company 15                                   1108 St Gregory                           Mt Adams
Engine 16                                         Southwest Corner McMillan and Coplien     Walnut Hills
Engine 17                                         Southeast Corner German and Neave         West End
Engine 18, Ladder 3                               Southeast Corner Strader and Eastern      Foot of Mt Lookout
Engine 19, Ladder 4                               Northwest Corner Vine and Charlton        Corryville
Engine 20, Ladder 5                               Northwest Corner Chase and Turrill        Northside
Engine 21                                         Northwest Corner Harrison and Beekman     Fairmount
Engine 22, Water Tower 3                          222 West 15th                             Over the Rhine
Engine 23, Ladder 9                               1700 Madison Rd                           Walnut Hills
Engine 24, Ladder 10                              Northeast Corner Considine and Warsaw     Price Hill
Engine 25, Ladder 8                               Northwest Corner Gest and Depot           West End
Engine 26                                         West Side of Delhi Ave North of 6th       Sedamsville
Engine 27                                         Southwest Corner Clifton and Calhoun      Clifton Heights
Engine 28                                         Northeast Corner Carll and Linden         North Fairmount
Engine 29                                         Northwest Corner Wade and Freeman         Brighton
Engine 30                                         Northeast Corner Slack and Young          Mt Auburn
Engine 31                                         3217 Madison                              Oakley
Engine 32, Ladder 12                              Rockdale between Reading and Knott        Avondale
Engine 33                                         Harrison Ave opposite Talbott             Fairmount
Engine 34, Ladder 11                              Southwest Corner Ludlow and Clifton       Clifton Hills
Engine 35                                         Northwest Corner Epworth and Junietta     Westwood
Engine 36                                         Heekin Ave near Eastern                   Linwood
Engine 37, Ladder 14                              Northeast Corner Liston and Leland        Riverside
Engine 38                                         Southwest Corner Circle and Darrow        Winton Place
Engine 39                                         Northeast Corner Montgomery and Clarion   Evanston
Engine 40                                         Northwest Corner Oakdale and Carolina     Bond Hill
Engine 41                                         1215 Illif                                Price Hill
Engine 42                                         542 East 12th near Reading                Downtown
Engine 43, Ladder 13                              Northeast Corner Alfred and Spring Grove  Camp Washington
Engine 45, Squad 52, Ladder 7, Water Tower 1      South Side Court between Plum and Central Downtown
Engine 46, Ladder 16                              Southwest Corner Erie and Michigan        Hyde Park
Engine 47                                         Northeast Corner Powers and Borden        Cumminsville
Engine 48                                         7017 Carthage Pike                        Hartwell
Engine 49                                         5015 Prentice                             Madisonville
Engine 50                                         6346 Parkland                             Sayler Park
Engine 51                                         Southwest Corner Salvia and Cedar         North College Hill
Engine 53                                         Losantiville and Montgomery               Kennedy Heights
Engine 54                                         Rear 2201 Beechmont Ave                   Mt Washington
Engine 55, Ladder 55                              8379 Woodbine Avenue                      Hartwell

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